Meet My Pets

Hi everyone! This is my “Meet My Pets” page! I have a paragraph on every one of my pets with some facts about them! There are more pets in our house then these, but I don’t include them because they are my brothers or my dads pets. These are just my own pets. The dogs are family pets but I still call them “my pets” because I help take care of them too! The rest of the animals on this page are my own!




This is Penny! We think she is about 8 years old. (as of 2017) And we got her when she was 2.  She is a German shepherd-Beagle mix. And she is so sweet! She is a medium size dog but she still sits up on the couch with us and sits in our lap! She also really likes to lick people (and cameras 🙂 ) Both of my dogs are family pets, but I still include them because I help take care of them too.




This is Mandi! We think she is about 5 or 6 years old. (As of 2017) She is a mutt like Penny but we think she is mostly Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. So she is WILD! We’ve had Mandi since she was 2! And she love playing with Penny and will do anything to get a treat!




picture of einstein


Meet Einstein! He is my long-haired Syrian hamster and I’ve had him for about a year now. (As of 2017) When I got him, the pet store had no idea how old he was. But I think he is probably 1 1/2 years old. He mostly sleeps! Because he is nocturnal. And he likes digging in his sand pit!



This is Simba! He is my newest pet. He is a “lionshead” rabbit, so he is really fluffy and has very log hair! He is only four months old! (As of July 2017) 🙂 He is sooooo cute! But he is also is very sweet and he loves to be held! And his favorite activity is eating!





This is Spark he is my betta fish aka Siamese Fighting Fish. There isn’t really much to say about him because he just swims around and eats! We’ve had Spark for about 7 months now. (As of July 2017) He used to belong to my younger brother but my brother ended up giving him to me about a month after we got him.


Those are my pets! Thanks for checking out this page! 🙂